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Version 3.0.0 Enterprise

  • Result caching feature
  • Better performance on result set pages
  • Custom options system for plugin reports
  • Enhancements for Forwarding Link report
  • Download directly to Excel option
  • Cache configuration settings
  • Enhancements to GUI
  • Works with PBCS
  • Prompt for credentials and database authentication options
  • Ships with PostgreSQL driver
  • Auto hyperlinking enhancements
  • Auto number columns option

Version 2.0.4 Enterprise

  • Remove pageResults from report table
  • Remove resultsPerPage
  • Remove row count query column from reports table
  • Create a new DrillReport representation that exists in drillbridge-plugins and
 make it the intermediate representation of a report definition. This will be the
 object that gets passed to factories. It will also be the object that gets validated 
 by the report validator
  • New POV object as an ADT to provide some richer functionality and help with caching
  • Move custom CSS to a separate page
  • New MDX drillthrough report plugin

Version 2.0.2 Enterprise

  • Working/temp folder will now default to inside of the Drillbridge install folder
  • Removed row count query and paging options from report (will now be separate plugin type)
  • By default, if a textual cell starts with "http://", it will automatically
 be turned into a link
  • If the link contains the text "Jason (talk)", it will be split there and the text to the right will
 be used to name the link. For example: (talk)Google
  • Text cells starting with http:// will be turned into hyperlink cells in Excel output
  • Smart formatting will cause an HtmlLinkColumnPrinter to be used instead of DefaultColumnPrinter
  • Clean up tabs on Settings
  • Fix issue with Drillbridge admin password containing a dollar sign
  • Fix text on deploy page (was copied from test page)
  • Remove Code tab from reports -- now available from the Deploy tab if needed
  • Option to breakup table printing into groups to improve rendering performance
  • Option to auto-number columns
  • General options infrastructure allows custom reports to have a UI for their options
  • Bump Spring Boot from 1.2.4 to 1.2.6
  • Smart Formatting option has now been moved to a custom option on JdbcDrillthroughReport
  • Add short token support -- such as {#Scenario} tokens

Version 2.0.0 Enterprise

  • Reduced memory footprint by disabling sample DB
  • Overflow support
  • Drillbridge admin credentials no longer in file, now stored in DB and encrypted
  • Forwarding Link Reports by way of setting -- class: in report text
  • SQL Member Resolvers
  • Dropped "max_members_on_drill" global setting property (new overflow feature provides better functionality)
  • Paging/pageable reports have been disabled for now
  • Bug introduced: saving custom mapping without uploading file wipes the entries

Version 1.5.4

  • Excel download button suppressed on printing
  • Fixed issue in Excel generator where null values threw an exception

Version 1.5.3

  • New modular function system
  • Better Excel downloads in Firefox web browser
  • Brought back classes for table rows and columns in HTML output
  • Small cleanup to error template
  • Lots of internal changes to accommodate custom modules
  • Fixed issue with drill-to-drill always pointing to itself
  • Fix SSO token issue on drill-to-drill
  • Add link to main page on DrB login page (convenience!)
  • Add GUID to Reports

Version 1.5.1

  • Honors the alias=Table flag on an Essbase Member Resolver
  • Bring back aliases tab
  • Bring back Advanced menu

Version 1.5.0

So. Much. Good. Stuff.

  • Can run on Linux, AIX, Solaris, Mac OS X, and Windows
  • Drillable columns
  • Better Excel output -- now with XLSX instead of XLS, better date/time/timestamp/float/double/integer formatting
  • New custom mappings feature
  • A raft of bug fixes

Version 1.3.4

  • Added a context path variable to make proxy/redirects work more easily

Version 1.3.3

  • Brand new streaming output strategy for MUCH better performance on large result sets!
  • Server-side paging with DataTables is in!

Version 1.3.1

  • System now saves the current server as a variable (Peter N)
  • Can now see and edit a Description for Variables
  • Now must specify a server before deployment will work (Peter N)
  • Connection editing now shows JDBC URL examples (used to only show on New Connection)
  • Connection Edit/New Connection now use same template (under the hood change)
  • Updating a report now leaves you on the report edit page
  • Changing the name of a report now displays message that the report definition needs to be updated in EAS or redeployed (but does not auto redeploy...)
  • Servers has been promoted from the Admin menu to the main bar
  • Updating a report should keep you on that report
  • You can test unsaved changes to a connection or a yet-to-be-saved connection
  • New Connection setting is available that can run arbitrary commands to setup a SQL connection (useful to issue ALTER or SET commands on the database, if needed).
  • All variables from POV should be available, Drillbridge should not drop tokens it thinks are not required.
  • Saving the deployment spec no longer shows a blue "Warning! Saved Deployment Specification"
  • Duration is now logged for reports (Peter N)
  • Stats page shows duration, now sorted by time of execution, descending (i.e., newest executions on top)
  • Test report executions will now populate the drill execution history
  • New button to clear the report execution history
  • Query length now 8000 characters instead of 4000
  • Updated deployment XML -- now includes id parameter! This should make Planning/FR drill-through [actually] work. Whoops.

Version 1.3.0

This is a major release! There are tons of new and enhanced features in this release. Major features of this release:

  • Connection testing has been reworked and should now work on Oracle databases
  • Implement debug mode -- can put reports into this mode to just show the generated query but not run it
  • Can now set a global stylesheet for all reports that are built (use to adjust spacing, etc)
  • Can now add/edit/delete variables (both user and system -- be careful!)
  • New option to paginate results, provide PAGE, ROWS_PER_PAGE, and OFFSET variables to report
  • Ability to use variables in queries -- global variables are prefixed with DR_. E.g., variable "server" can be accessed in query as #DR_server"
  • Rows and columns in drill report page now have CSS classes
  • Can add custom styles to individual reports -- allows for some customization of how the report, table, rows, and columns will be displayed (might want text-align: right for numerics and such)
  • Database query now respects the row limit so the max rows can be capped
  • Reports now have a configurable query timeout value to limit the max number of seconds a query can run for. 0 is default.
  • Excel columns will now autosize (more improvements coming to Excel generation to fix text vs number problem)
  • Enhance logs to show queries that are constructed
  • Drills now quick-redirect to another page in order to improve Refresh, Previous, and Next page semantics (prevents resubmitting POSTed data, improves future features)
  • Include custom header and custom footer on report (supports HTML)
  • Drill-through definition XML is updated! Include fix for the SSO token
  • Formatting issues that are closed by way of custom stylesheets:
    • Amount column should be right-aligned.
    • Space between 2 lines is too large
    • add a little bit more of contrast between the background colour of 2 lines in the report
  • Deployment Specs can now have a description
  • Should respect Locale for various column types:
    • Date
    • Timestamp/Time
    • Decimal/Double/Float
    • Integer/Numeric/BigInt
  • Localization: localize into French!
  • Implement statistics for tracking how much reports are being used
  • Excel download filename is now based on the name of the report
  • Drilling to descendants of a member is now limited to 1,000 members. This may be revised in the future but for now is meant to protect IN clauses for Oracle databases that don't support more than 1000 items.
  • Removed Refresh button since it is now possible to use the browser refresh thanks to some under the hood improvements for pagination
  • Use the associated EssbaseCube (and therefore server) to validate SSO token
  • Move Connections/Reports to admin/ URL tree for cleaner security implementation
  • Now use connection name instead of description
  • Member drilling occurs under the credentials of the mapped user (typically admin) which means that the members pulled back are based on their credentials (in other words, members are not pulled with the credentials of the user performing the drill operation)
  • Allow new parameter on token, 'sampleValue' that allows to specify a default value to aid in testing (this value shows up on the test page, but doesn't affect the execution of the report in any way)
  • In anticipation of some possibly long Oracle RAC and other verbose JDBC URLs, the JDBC connection string limit has been raised from 255 characters to 4000
  • Known issue: Essbase outline caching not enabled in this release

Version 1.0.2

  • Include SQL Server file for integrated authentication
  • Can now edit server, cube, and deployment spec definitions
  • Include new expression language
  • Drill to children on Essbase cube works
  • Row limit on drill reports
  • Debug mode on drill reports

Version 1.0.1

Some minor and not so minor updates:

  • Update SQL Server JDBC driver to latest version
  • Fix for when query has no parameters in it
  • Notes about Java being required on the PATH
  • Added EULA
  • Query size can now be 4000 characters (was 255)
  • Parsing of payload from SmartView drill operation is now more robust
  • Cleaned up logging to try and reduce clutter a bit
  • Removed several unused/test dependencies, shaving 13MB off download
  • Now includes Oracle driver (thin client)
  • Show examples of JDBC URLs on connection creation screen
  • Note: Essbase Servers and Deployment Specs are still unused/unusable in this release. Reports need to be deployed manually
  • Upgraded several dependencies to newer versions

Version 1.0.0

This is the initial public release of Drillbridge. Certain features are disabled for now:

  • Support for drilling to level-0 members from an upper level member
  • Automatically deploying reports to an Essbase cube